Nov 15, 2010

November News in Pictures

I don't believe I've ever felt a November this warm. We've been taking many walks on the nice non-rainy days. Indian summer, I've always thought, was for October at the latest. But my birthday is right around the corner, and OH, how happy I'd be if this out-of-the-ordinary 60 something degree weather would keep up. (Just looked at weather dot com and no, it won't be.)

I tend to get a little worried this time of the year because I dread cabin fever, and have yet to invest in a S.A.D light. I am grateful my apartment gets plenty of good natural lighting though, and now that a humidifier is necessary, I like to make it feel as if it's still summer inside. Fooling the senses a wee bit in the name of seasonal happiness. ;)

My boy, my joy.
We came upon this sweet little message while walking downtown.
When it's time to drive him to school I tend to take the hilly dirt roads, a longer trip in miles and minutes,
but so worth it for the peaceful fall scenery.

I am utterly in love with this cat.
Unfortunately, he's not mine, he's my brother's little fuzzball Jack,
but I get to see him quite often because we live close.
Maybe I'll take a video of him sometime soon.
He's such a delightful little creature,
with the softest, furriest presence,
and the loudest purr I've ever heard. ♥

I'm becoming a regular here. Diet discipline always seems to fail me in the cold months the most.

I've had some wonderful subbing jobs lately. I love being a substitute teacher because it's so flexible, and that is something I need to have right now. The best part about it is the kids though! Recently I revisited a school I had a long term assignment at three years ago. I saw some of my kindergarteners who were now 3rd graders!
It was so special to see how they've grown!
I was just happy they remembered *me*. This is a pic of my work outfit one morning. Someday, I hope to find a permanent position in an elementary school, but as a librarian most likely.
Kids, books, reading, literacy: my life's true passions. :)
real job work day
Good girl friends are blessings! We've had the opportunity to meet up for crafts, and hopefully this will become a regular part of our month. I love having each of these girls less than 5 minutes away from me. Many of my good girl friends have moved out of the mitten, but I still have a few gems that have stuck around.
In Lola Vintage news, there's a giveaway over at the Huzzah blog today.
Enter for a chance to win a little MULA toward anything in the shop.

Lastly, I've been looking up the spoken word on youtube lately. It is admittedly one of my favorite things to do. I'll make playlists of my favorites and listen to them when I'm doing my housework. When I was a writing tutor a few years ago, my boss always used to say "Words change lives." I'm always reminded of this when something I read (or listen to) has an impact on me. I can't get enough of this W.H. Auden poem below in particular. I know it is not the original author speaking, but I love the way it is read. Even in its pensive and melancholic tone, I think it's beautiful.

Wishing you all a M A R V E L O U S week.



  1. a very cute blog post, i love the glimpse into your life. and um, i didn't know we had a cupcake station! be still my heart!

  2. i think I would be at that cupcake station all the time!

    yay! give aways :)

  3. I love this post, J! And I bet you'd be an excellent children's librarian.

  4. Lauren, the cupcake station is on Liberty, but BEWARE, highly addictive to just "drop in" when you're downtown!

    Thank you I hope that dream comes true one day!

  5. I'll be calling you up for a trip to the botanical gardens to cheer up when the weather gets gloomy.

  6. What a lovely insight into your life - thank you.

    p.s. that kitty is so adorable!

  7. Lovely post, and I just adore Auden's poetry, especially this poem :) Paris in Pink

  8. Woah, blast from the past! I had an orange cat named Jack when I was growing up, haha.

    Very cute post, by the way. :) I found your blog via Q's Daydream Vintage and I'm already loving it!

  9. yay, I love Quincy! :) Btw, don't you just love marmalade kittens? They may just be my favorites.


I really appreciate your comments, thank you. ♥

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