Oct 26, 2010

October Colors

The next shop update, happening throughout this week will consist of these items and a few other pretties. I really love the colors here for fall. That delicate white blouse will be the oldest thing I've ever listed in the shop. I recently bought it at an antique store and the owner told me it was from the late 1800's/early 1900's. It's still in amazing condition. I find the romantic Victorian era enchanting - definitely fashion-related on one hand with all of the puff sleeves and high necks, but also because of the literature of the time too. I love the sound of the writing, and have yet to immerse myself in more of it this fall and winter. (Thank goodness for the cozy months.)

Oh, and lately any time I see a rust colored suede piece of clothing, I snatch it up for the shop! It's such a gorgeous color, isn't it?

{Shop Lola} 

Rusty Suede Bomber Jacket, Vintage 70's
Delicate Victorian Blouse, Late 1800's
Evergreen Wool Skirt Set, Vintage 50's
Autumn Stripe Dress, vintage 1950's
High Waist Bombshell Black Swing Skirt, Vintage 50's
Rust Suede Skirt, Vintage 70's
Victorian-Inspired Pine Green Corduroy Dress, Vintage 80's


  1. wow, that victorian piece held up great! I can't believe its still in tact!

    And im loving those rich colors for fall

  2. That victorian white blouse is amazzzing. Holy smokes!

  3. Thanks gals. I really wish the waist on that blouse fit me. . . it's just so graceful.


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