Aug 10, 2010

Novelty Print of the Day -- Vintage PSYCHEDELIC ROOSTER Colorful Belted Dress

I LOVE the feather details on this dress! The colors, too, are so lively and bright. The psychedelic rooster reminds me of illustrations in a children's story book. What a perfect print for fall. Imagine it under a cute fitted blazer and paired with dark-colored knee-high boots. Maybe a pretty long necklace around the neck as well? Oh wow, I'm actually feeling a tiny desire for Autumn weather all the sudden. Somebody slap me. ;)

For sale by GrandmasThreads on Ebay.


  1. no way! Then I need a slap too, cause this Texas 100 degree weather is horrible! I still never get use to it!

    Love the awesome colors on the dress, kind of reminds me of an Erté him.
    His work is amazing, he had a big influence on fashion and art!
    He is my fave.

  2. oh wow, what a cool print!

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