Mar 12, 2010

Bits O' Green

I would love to be in Ireland for at least one St. Patrick's day of my life.
(maybe someday) ;)

Did you know that the real St. Patrick was actually born with the name Maewyn Succat? And that he changed his name to "Patrick" after spending 15 years to become a priest? Thanks, Wikipedia!
I also didn't know that he used the shamrock to explain the trinity of Christianity. Learn something new every day online!

Do you guys have a favorite past time for the holiday?

Mine is the usual, the common green beer as the staple of the evening.

Here are a few bits o' green found in the shop to celebrate the holiday and prevent getting pinched!

Cheers to GOOD LUCK !



  1. I'm not Irish, neither is my husband. But St. Patties day is now special to us because that's the day we met. So we are going on date.

    And drink some green beer for us!

  2. Didn't know all that about St. Pat! It is my favorite color though... :O)

  3. oooh what a pretty dress and a gorgeous shape on that skirt!
    maewyn, eh? my brother's gf's name was eowyn. but i think that's tolkein, not gaelic.
    enjoy your st. patty's!

  4. I have nominated you for a blog award. Visit me to see what it's all about....

  5. I love the clothes you have on here! SO rad. Great blog :)

  6. skirt and dress are super cute!!



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