Jan 29, 2010

Cowgirl in Winter

"She's a rounder I can tell you that. . . She can sing 'em all night through. . .
she'll raise hell about the sleep she's lost. . . but
even cowgirls get the blues

(Especially in the winter time)

My therapy was putting this cute outfit together. What do you think?

I love skirts you can wear a crinoline underneath and dance and twirl in!
But you've got to know that my favorite part of this outfit is the boots.
Those boots are sooooooo very dear to my heart and shoe closet.

I wouldn't like this skirt half as much as I do now if it didn't have white eyelet lace at the hem.
So purrrdy!

Can't wait to tell you wear the dark denim bag is from! (see outfit info below)
You know that wool sweater I'm always talking about on Twitter? THIS IS IT.
My fave, ever! I count on this sweater almost daily to keep me warm.
It has bunnies and deer on the front AND back. Almost TOO cute if you ask me.

Cowgirl Outfit:
Top: thrifted
Belt: thrifted
Skirt: in the shop
Wool Sweater: thrifted and never ever selling. :)
Denim Bag: A gift from the Amish People (My dad is friends with some up north)
Boots: Thrifted YEARS ago, almost brand new condition when found and it was
Love at first sight and wear. Me and these cowboy boots are a perfect match. ♥

Oh, dear blog readers I'm a cowgirl at heart and Nashville, Tennessee is one of my favorite places on earth. It was this song I was quoting in the first part of this post. How I love the words!


  1. le sourire coquin ( mais mignon (cute))) sure la foto 2 jessica lmaoooooooooooooooooooooooooooo)))

  2. The skirt is so adorable!


  3. what a great post! The outfit is adorable and the boots.......I NEED!!!

  4. That sweater is too cute! I went through a southern phase awhile back and dragged my friends on a roadtrip to Nashville and Memphis. So much fun! I'm overdue to go back.


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