Oct 11, 2009

Because LAUGHING makes me feel better

I've been sick for the past few days and usually get very down when I don't feel well. . . so I was desperately seeking a little pick me up and while online today found these two funny videos on YouTube by CrappyHolidays featuring two gals from Whip-it! Ellen Page & Alia Shawkat.

Both of these tiny movie shorts made me laugh out loud, so I hope you enjoy. :)

My former classmates & I used to make movie shorts in our digital video classes years ago. I miss it soooo much sometimes, and hope I find the time to be involved again someday.

Something else that nearly had me in tears today from laughing so hard was a story I remembered from my childhood after my son accidentally got soap in his eyes in the bath. It's actually quite EMBARRASSING and I'm a bit hesitant to share, but it is funny, and I think we all have embarrassing stories, don't we? ;) When I was a little girl I felt the need to TEST the claims of Johnson & Johnson No More Tears shampoo. I remember being around 8 or 9 and having this secret "scientific mission" to see if what the company was saying on the commercials was actually true. I snuck the bottle of shampoo to my room and carefully put some of the shampoo directly into my eyes to see if, in fact, the shampoo was really that gentle. (Ridiculous, I know). Anyway, it STUNG just like any other shampoo would and after running to the bathroom I was frantically trying to wash it out before my mom found out what I had done. Hahahah!

It might not surprise you then, that I was voted "Most Gullible" in my high school senior year mock elections. ;)

P.s. I still love No More Tears and believe that it DOES work, but not when one puts it directly into the eye, unmixed with water. Lol. (Childhood lesson about concentrated liquids)

Share your embarrassing stories, please. I would love to hear your silliness!

Have a marvelous week, everyone!

"Laughter is a tranquilizer with no side effects." - Arnold Glasow

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