Aug 6, 2009

My Sweet, Sweet Summertime. . .

I don't want to forget (in the freezing cold of the Michigan winters) how much I appreciated my summertime. . . so I decided to share a few things I've delighted in during these past few warm months. Enjoy!

Art Fairs in the Street. . .

. . . and street art. . . :)

My Mom and Dad's garden, and one of my favorite, most fulfilling places to be in the summertime.

Dad's beautiful horses. I felt like they were telling me, "Please, if you would get our profile shots, darling!"

Mom's clothesline. She's never been without one for as long as I've known her.

An amazing full rainbow I saw out of the blue very recently. ♥

Going to the colorful carnival and feeling like a kid again. . .

Remembering the King of Pop. . .
Michael Jackson puppet at a local art fair

Locally well known street performer who sings and dances to Michael Jackson's songs. . .

Seeing special people I haven't seen in too long, like Angela, one of my dearest friends ever and an amazing photographer!

and. . .
Meeting new friends, like Denise, who ETSY sellers will love because she told me a story about how her mother had bought her several gifts from an expensive department store and she took it all back to spend the money instead on items she loved from ETSY! This gal is so much fun! :)

Spending time with my favorite little person in the whole wide universe, my son . . . One of our favorite things to do in the summer is to explore neighboring towns, and especially make it a point to visit their libraries. Can't wait to share pics of this soon!

And finally, something that always makes me smile, finding hearts in nature. . .
Leaf Heart, while walking

Yellow pepper heart, while preparing fajitas

Sky heart, while resting in the sun

I hope you are all savoring YOUR summertime too! I take pleasure in all four of the seasons of my sweet little mitten state, but it's often the case that I wish to hold onto summer just a little bit longer every year. If you live in a similar climate, think of something that you can only do in the summer that you haven't allowed yourself to enjoy, and get out there and enjoy it before we hit sweater weather! You'll be happy you did, promise. :)



  1. oh my! these photos are so fun and pretty and wonderful! your summer looks so nice. :) :) :)

  2. .wow !! very sunny n vey lively n very peace-n-luv post lola !! .b + fufull shiny ;b


  3. What amazing photographs! Gave me a lift just to see them! Love the scrabble purses - so clever!

    The ponies are precious and yes, they have stunning profiles!

    Your son is adorable! Nothing is better to a mom than our children :D


I really appreciate your comments, thank you. ♥

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