Jul 24, 2009

Back To Black, 8 takes on the Little Black Dress {LBD}

I'm always seeking out the perfect little black dress. Don't they say there's one for every occasion?

Recently, I've found out about this amazing woman named Sheena Matheiken who has taken on her own charitable project regarding a little black dress. Ms. Matheiken has pledged to find 365 ways (yes, an an entire year!) to style a little black dress and money being raised from this endeavor will be used to support education for Indian children who wouldn't have otherwise been able to attend school. What a creative way to call to attention an important issue! THE UNIFORM PROJECT can be found here.

After finding out about this, I was almost tempted to challenge myself to try to style just one dress for a week! (hmm, maybe one of these days!) ;)

Here are 8 takes on the Little black dress currently in the shop. Which is your favorite?



  1. Love the 2cd one with the pops of color at the bottom!

  2. well these are great, but what i really want to see is that pretty sheer 1970s blue number with the little rhinestones that you found a little while back!

    and i still need to get that black belt from you!

  3. Oh CUTE! Really really LOVE this. I following you now :)

  4. .omg... very nice ! very sexy ! its my favorite page now !! wow !! comment c sexy !! un truc de ouf !! ouyouyouyouyyyyyyyyyyeee purééééééée


  5. My vote is for #3! Classic and classy!


I really appreciate your comments, thank you. ♥

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