May 23, 2009

Spring, how I love you . . .

Thought this picturesque table set up was worthy of posting. Dinner at a friends the other day with melon and fresh squeezed juice before grilled kebabs. Aren't those art deco glasses cute too?

Oh, and these were pics taken LAST spring in my old yard. How absolutely adorable is this little baby raccoon we found in the driveway? He kept on hiding (as in the second picture) and we initially thought he was hurt. No, he had only lost (or sadly been abandoned by) his mama. He was rescued by a local pet rescue service though.

Not so friendly!! Found this snapping turtle in the driveway last spring too. I was terrified, but it ended up crossing the road and leaving us alone. Just stay away from one of these if you ever happen to come across them!!

Happy Spring to all! This is the best time to pack up some yummy energy snacks and water and go on a hiking adventure. I'm blessed that where I live is chock full of trails literally EVERYWHERE.
Hopefully I'll find the time for this today! {fingers crossed} :D

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