Mar 20, 2009

Cut the Ugly Out, 2009!!

Spring makes me positively NUTS! I get so happy that I feel like I cannot contain it all inside of myself. I'm eager for this season's creativity sparks and outward adventures. Just this past weekend one of my best friends, my sis, and I were in a vintage fashion show & it was super fun! We were representing The Getup Vintage and Above Ground Hair Studio. We were able to get all made up, and choose three different outfits from a The Getup. I decided to wear one of LoLa Vintage's own, after being given permission, and told, "as long as it's funky, go for it!"

Here's a little sneak peek, the rest I'll have to post on Flickr soon!


Below: Two of my FAVORITE LOOKS from the night!

And finally, representin' the 80's!! Pure Insanity!

We have another show lined up for April and we're all so excited! If you live in the Metro Detroit area, please ask us for details so you can come too!

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  1. yellow rocks too ! + LOL full 60-70's orange n white dress LOL



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