Dec 14, 2012

Hats & Wintry Things

I'm immensely inspired by Ashley of Poppycock on Etsy lately. She makes me want to wear hats/buy hats/and sell hats. Her shop is quite beautiful, and if you haven't seen it you must!

A couple of weeks ago I had an antiquing trip near where I live and found some real cute "lids"* that are finally all listed in the shop!

*I had one of my favorite hats on last year around Thanksgiving and an older man probably in his early 70s told me at Trader Joe's that he liked my "lid". Thought that was pretty cute. :)

You'll also now find in the shop a pretty pleated wool suit, alpaca poncho (which I also listed as a skirt because I think it would look darling worn as one), a dirndl (favorite dress style ever, maybe), St. John metallic knit skirt suit, Rhinestone constellation dress, reindeer sweater, and some other vintage pretties.

HAPPY HOLIDAYS, everyone! (can't believe 2012 is almost over). How in the WORLD did that even happen?!

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